We are matchmakers. We have a special knack for finding exceptional people, and pairing them with their dream career opportunity. This is a tricky business—not every person is a fit for your company, and we can see that coming. So, we never set up bad blind dates, it takes strategy and a custom lens to find your match. Let us find you a soul mate…or a hundred.

Andi Vanetta

"I have a unique 360 View of the immense impact Andi is able to make on someone’s career. She placed me in my first tech sales position in 2013. After growing that company to 300 employees, I was hungry to build something from scratch, and she worked with me to find the perfect match. We recently raised our Series A at Legion, and I needed the very best talent as quickly as possible. Not to my surprise, she and her team helped me complete two critical sales searches in less than 4 weeks. Andi has always been on my side, admired and trusted by everyone, and my career skyrocketed for that simple fact."


Jeff Mecredy

"Jeff cut through the noise and provided me support more along the lines of a career mentor than a recruiter. It was very apparent that he cared more about how he could help me through his resources and informed perspective more than connecting me to any role tied to his own goals. Jeff's communication, responsiveness, and support is thus far unmatched by any talent professional I've met in my career. Not only do I recommend him to anyone in need of some career guidance or introductions to hiring managers, but I intend to keep in touch with Jeff until I hang up the cleats in our space."


Whitney Finlinson

"I was not looking for a job, yet somehow Whitney managed to find the perfect place for me. I could not be happier with the service provided, or with the results."


Amanda Mitchell

Amanda Mitchell is passionate about bridging the gap between top-talent and companies across public and private enterprises, and her professional goals are focused on developing a depth of knowledge in community engagement, gender equality, social responsibility, and organizational growth. Amanda aims to serve the common good and take an active role in positively impacting diversity in the workplace. As the Head of Diversity at Vanetta Partners, she has ambitious goals to assist our clients in mapping a talent acquisition plan that is cognizant of equal opportunity. Amanda believes that inclusive hiring positively affects not only the workplace, but our community at large.

Reggi Williams

Reggi is the backbone of success for Vanetta Partners, and her commitment to organization, process, and professionalism is invaluable. Reggi truly upholds the white-glove standard clients deserve, is a leader in every room she enters, and is committed to shared knowledge and equitable opportunity in the talent acquisition space.

Julia Misrasi

As a sales leader, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of recruiting firms. Collaborating with Julia at Vanetta Partners has topped the charts in this area. Julia truly partners with the client AND the candidate to ensure successful conversations by setting clear expectations and prompting efficient dialogue to drill down to what the hiring manager needs and what the candidate is looking to achieve. Julia is authentic, a pleasure to speak with, and she navigates through the clutter. She has served as a confidant, a supporter, and someone that empowers both sides to set their best foot forward. Thank you, Julia and Vanetta Partners. I am excited to work with you again in the future.

Candidate: Cindy Truong
Regional Sales Manager @ West-Intrado

Erin Horwitz

Erin is an amazing recruiter who cares about you as a human first and will work hard on your behalf to ensure you are placed with the right kind of role/company. She is very responsive at all hours of the day. She even answered my question on a Friday night so that I could decide for Monday. If you want to work with someone who has your best interest at heart, I suggest reaching out to Erin for help!

Candidate: Allan Arguello
EAE @ CloudPassage

Sara Minchey

Sara, has been wonderful to work with. She reached out to me directly via LinkedIn and set me up with the perfect job opportunity based on my skills and experience. Over a month's period of time, we exchanged emails, jumped on calls, and moved through the interview process together. She always responded promptly and politely to all my requests and feedback. I'd highly recommend working with Sara for your next career move!

Candidate: Will Venturi
Director of Sales @ OpenInvest